Coffee sapiens ; innovation through understanding

Anglais Coffee sapiens ; innovation through understanding (édition en anglais)

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In this all-encompassing encyclopedia, experts at the elBulli foundation, working alongside the world-leading coffee brand Lavazza, provide the answers to these questions and many more. This comprehensive and fascinating volume is perfectly positioned for culinary professionals, coffee aficionados, and all those who want to explore the world behind this vital element of our everyday lives. Readers will discover the history, consumption practices, production techniques, and myriad varieties of coffee, and gain an understanding of the coffee industry as a whole. This is the perfect companion for those who want to approach the worlds of coffee and gastronomy from a practical and intellectual point of view, either as a culinary professional or a curious coffee enthusiast. Key Selling Points - An intriguing and all-consuming guide to the intricacies, challenges, and rewards of the fascinating world of coffee - from bean to barista, enthusiast to entrepreneur - From social history to tasting notes, this fascinating encyclopedia explains everything it is possible to know about the world's favourite hot beverage - Coffee Sapiens contains the technological and cultural history of an entire industry, but is also an instruction manual on what it means to become an entrepreneur - Over 1,400 million cups of coffee are drunk around the world each and every day - The average coffee drinker consumes three cups of coffee per day and water is the only beverage more popular than coffee

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